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Engaging communities


The Marine Park has regularly reached out to the educational community, promoting awareness of the need to protect this special coast. Through the BIOMARES Program and using the Oceanographic Museum as a base, outreach activities targeted teachers and students of different education levels. Adults, children and young people have had the opportunity to “dive” into this protected area, get to know the inhabitants of the Marine Park and their ways of life, understand what a marine protected area is and how it is managed, and the need to protect this area unique in the country, guaranteeing the sustainability of the activities that take place here.

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Achieving conservation objectives is only possible with the engagement and awareness of all the Marine Park users. For this reason, it is particularly important to disseminate information about the Marine Park and to carry out awareness-raising actions aimed at different stakeholders, including the local community, beach users, fishermen, divers and recreational sailors. In recent years, several awareness raising campaigns have been carried out to disseminate and promote good practices for the conservation and management of the Marine Park.

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Installed at Forte de Santa Maria, the Oceanographic Museum of Portinho da Arrábida is the “headquarter” of the Marine Park and allows visitors to enjoy the unique views of Arrábida Coast. The Museum hosts the exhibition: “Arrábida: a natural laboratory for the study of the ocean”, opened in 2021 with the aim of showing the history of oceanography in Portugal, with special emphasis on the special sea of Arrábida. It is also in this privileged space that many activities related to scientific research, awareness campaigns and activities with schools are implemented.

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